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The events of this campaign take place in the The Koronus Expanse in Segmentum Obscurus of the Imperium of Man. This is a large area of space, located far out towards the Halo Stars, a wild and mostly unexplored region of space far from the central sectors of civilized space.

In this (mostly) lawless space we follow the escapades of a most inept Dynasty as they blunder around the Expanse in a never-ending quest for Power, Profit and a greater Fleet

Factions and power groups

The Expanse is a vast and varied place, and home to many different peoples. Human populations from before the coming of the Imperium, colonists and outcasts from the Calixis sector, Xenos and all sorts of riff-raff.

The forces of the Imperium of Man

While the Imperium’s presence in The Koronus Expanse is limited compared to other sectors of space, the branches of the Adeptus Terra can still be found in many places.

The Rogue Traders


Adventures, Endeavours and Missions

An overview of the actions of the crew of the Cleopatra and their rise to power

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