kustom jobz

Kustom Jobz

Ork Mekboyz are nothing if not imaginative, capable of creating all manner of strange devices and bizarre modifications.

An Ork with the Trade (Armourer) Skill may upgrade weapons by making a successful test. It is important to note that Ork weapons cannot be given human upgrades (see Rogue Trader , Table 5-9: Weapon Upgrades, page 133). At the GM’s discretion human weapons may be given Ork upgrades. However, this represents the Orks salvaging human weapons and "orkifying” them. GMs would be best advised to re-stat any salvaged weapon to the most appropriate Ork weapon. (If a GM has Into the Storm, he can use the Ork Armoury to help with this).

Bigga barrel
A longer barrel and crude rifling give this weapon additional range. Increase the weapon’s range by 10 metres.
Upgrades: Any ranged weapon.

Bigga klip
Somehow, room for additional ammunition has been added to the weapon, often in the form of additional clips or dangling ammo belts, doubling the weapon’s Clip size.
Upgrades: Any Ranged weapon.

Kombi Shoota
This is not so much an upgrade as two weapons welded together. Unlike human weapons, Twin-linked Ork weapons need not be identical. When a weapon receives this upgrade, it may be combined with any other ranged weapon possessed by the Ork.
If the two combined weapons are the same, this weapon receives the Twin-Linked Quality. If they are different, this follows the rules for making Combi-weapons found on page 112.
Upgrades: Any ranged weapon.

Kustom Job
The weapon is retooled to the user’s specifications or broken in by years of use. The weapon is granted the Customised Quality (halves reload time).
Upgrades: Any ranged weapon.

The weapon’s muzzle has been exaggerated to ludicrous proportions, amplifying its shots. When used in a Suppressing Fire Action, this weapon inflicts a -10 penalty on all Pinning Tests.
Upgrades: All weapons capable of Suppressive Fire.

More Shooty
A slightly more complicated firing mechanism and a longer barrel make this weapon’s shots “hit ‘arder.” Increase the weapon’s Damage and Penetration by 1.
Upgrades: Any Basic or Heavy ranged weapon.

Red light
Though this Kustom Bit is little more than a small red light bulb, Orks swear it improves a weapon’s accuracy. This upgrade functions as a Red-Dot Laser Sight (Rogue Trader page 134).
Upgrades: Any ranged weapon.

Sparky knobz
The weapon has been fitted with capacitors and a cluster of prongs that release massive electrical discharges on contact. This weapon gains the Shocking quality.
Upgrades: Any melee weapon.

Spiky bitz
The weapon is covered in spikes, sharp protrusions, and additional blades. A ranged weapon with this upgrade counts as an Unbalanced sword in close combat. Melee weapons gain +1 Damage.
Upgrades: Any weapon.

The weapon no longer fires bullets, but rather blasts of incandescent energy that sear through armour. The weapon’s Pen becomes 1d10, rolled for each hit the weapon inflicts, and the damage type becomes Energy, but it gains the Overheats Quality.
Upgrades: Any ranged weapon that deals Impact damage.

Ekstra barrulz
An additional barrel or two allows the weapon to fire much faster, to the joy of its owner. The weapon gains the Storm quality and the Innacurate Quality. If it already has the Inaccurate Quality, it imposes a –5 penalty to all attack rolls made with the weapon.
Upgrades: Any ranged weapon capable of full–auto fire.

Ekstra rippy
Chains of razor-sharp teeth line the weapon, attached to a smoke-belching motor. The weapon increases its damage by 1 and gains the Tearing Quality. If it already has the Tearing Quality, increase the damage by 3 instead. However, the weapon becomes Unwieldy. If it is already Unwieldy, it imposes a –5 penalty to all attack rolls made with the weapon.
Upgrades: Any melee weapon.

Ekstra kaboom
Explosive ammunition makes for bigger wounds on the enemy and louder noises when the gun fires. The weapon’s damage type becomes Explosive and it gains the Tearing Quality.
Upgrades: Any ranged weapon.

More dakka
A clanking assortment of chains, gears and pistons increase the weapon’s rate of fire, granting an additional degree of success on all Ballistic Skill Tests when the weapon is fired on semi-automatic or fully-automatic. However, the weapon uses twice the usual amount of ammunition when firing. (So a weapon with a Full Auto RoF of 6 would use 12 rounds of ammo, but could only score six hits.
Upgrades: Any ranged weapon capable of semi-automatic or fully-automatic fire.

Skatta kannon
Rather than conventional bullets, the weapon fires piles of jagged shrapnel that tear and lacerate. The weapon’s range is halved, and the damage type becomes Rending. In addition, it gains the Scatter quality.
Upgrades: Any ranged weapon that deals Impact damage.

Zappy gubbinz
A strange contraption beyond the understanding of most Orks, this weapon is fitted with whirling, sparking protrusions that crackle with green lightning. These devices discharge as the wielder attacks, burning through armour and scorching flesh. A melee weapon with this upgrade gains the Power Field quality and increases its damage and Penetration by 2.
A ranged weapon with this upgrade adds 1d10 to its damage value and changes its damage type to Energy, but gains the Overheats and Unstable Qualities.
Upgrades: Any weapon.

kustom jobz

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