Da Smasha

The Ork Onslaught-class Attack Ship is ugly, difficult to manoeuvre and lightly armoured along its flanks and rear. This lack of speed, manoeuverability, armour, and broadside firepower leave it suitable for just one role: head-on attack. However, its thick prow armour and large battery of forward gunz make it very good at this role, particularly during its initial attack run, as many Imperial Navy starship commanders have discovered in their final moment of dismay. As if all that was not enough, the Onslaught, like all Ork Attack Ships, is capable of atmospheric operations and can land on planets, allowing it to deliver another Greenskin warband and their vehicles and artillery to attacking Ork ground forces.

Mass: xtonnes , Crew: Approx. “lots a boyz”
Length: 1,5 km, Abeam: 0,4 km, Tall: xm

Speed: 6 Detection: 10 Hull Integrity: 40
Manoeuver: 15 Armor: Front 22, Rest 18 Crew Rating: Competent (30)

Space: 40 [40 Used]
Power: 40 [35 Used]

Turret Rating: 1
Weapon Mounts: Dorsal: 1, Prow: 2

Essential Components

  • Looted Drive: This may have been an STC-standard drive… once.
  • Warp Engine: ‘Ere we go, ‘ere we go!
  • Really Big Teef: Protects the vessel in the immaterium, and functions similarly to a Gellar field.
  • Single Void Shield Array
  • Air Pumps: Best not ask how it works.
  • Boyz Barracks: No self respecting ork goes anywhere without his boyz!
  • Armoured Kaptin’s Bridge There’s a lot of metal between the ork boss and space.
    • Reinforced Armour: If this Component takes a Critical Hit, becomes damaged, or suffers power loss, roll 1d10. On a 4 or higher, the component is unharmed.
    • Big Red Button: If this vessel chooses not to turn, it may move an additional 1d5 VUs during its Manoeuvre Action.
  • Lotsa Boyz
    This Component grants +10 to all Command Tests involving boarding actions and Hit and Run Actions.

Supplemental Components

  • 2x Looted Prow Macrocannons: These macrocannons used to be on an Imperial ship. Not anymore.
    (Macrobattery; Strength 3; Damage 1d10+2; Crit Rating 5; Range 5)
  • Dorsal Gunz: Technically macrobatteries, ‘improved’ with orky tek.
    (Macrobattery; Strength 1d5 † ; Damage 1d10+4; Crit Rating 6; Range 4)
    † Roll Strength before firing this weapon each turn.
  • Stowage Bays: Pirate ships do not often bother with true cargo holds, preferring smaller bays where valuable cargos can be stored.
    • Cargo bay: Booty!: If this ship is captured with this Component intact, the captors gain 50 Achievement Points.
  • Ork Armoured Prow Only an ork would add a gigantic armoured prow to such a small ship.
    • Good an’ Ard: Macrobatteries may still be prow weapons on this vessel. This ship gains +4 Armour in its fore arc only. This ship also does 1d10 additional damage when ramming.
  • Tellyporta: Allows Hit and Run actions without the need to pilot Assault Crafts. Grants +20 to Command Tests for Hit and Run Actions when using this component.


  • Orky Tek: This ship may not be piloted by a non-ork crew. Components from this vessel will not function if added to non-ork ships.


  • Red Paint Job: “Red wunz go fasta” is a common Ork belief, and one that oddly seems to be borne out in practice. Ork vehicles painted red do travel faster than those not. The ship gains +1 Speed.

Da Smasha

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