How old the Space Ship Cleopatra really is, is uncertain, but it is 794 years since the modification where she was widened, stretched and added one full deck-layer. Seemingly a regular space faring transport vessel, she is so endlessly much more, unknown to many she was once uses by Xenos to travel and ship goods in hiding throughout the Imperium of man.
This Vagabond Class Merchant Trader Space Hauler has been thoroughly modified, both widened, lengthened and with a full 25 extra decks on top of the old ship.

The ship is

Mass: 10 Megatonnes, Crew: Approx. 30.000
Length: 2495m, Abeam: 600m, Tall: 700m

Speed: 5; a Strelov I Warp Engine (with "Blasphemous Tendencies), and a Eldar RuneCaster Vaulted Chamber
Manouver: -7
Detection: +16 (M-101-d Auger Array)
Armor: 15 (Armor Plating)
Hull Integrity: 50 (Reinforced Bulkhead XL)

Space: 40 [31 used prior to weapons mounting] (Main Cargo Hold)
SP: 30

Turret Rating: 1 (Standard Void Shield Array, Standard Gellar Field)
Dorsal: 1 _ Mars Pattern Macrocanons
Prow: 1 _Sunsear Laser Battery

Other Ship Functions:
Temple Shrine, Vitae Pattern life sustainer, Lathe Mod Pattern I-A drive [40 power], Commerce Bridge, X-large Coidsmenn Quarters

SpaceDrifter’s; 1 Rome, 2 Italya, later each of these are replaced with a quarter fighter squadron.
Planetary; 1 Cesar, 2 Brutus, 3 MarcAnthony
SpaceTaxi; 1


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