Da MegaMekNobs Mega Armour

Kustomized Mega-armour wif extra turretz


The most powerful Orks sometimes don mega-armour, the most potent personal defence in the Orky arsenal. Bashed together from thick steel plates, scavenged power-exoskeletons, powerful hydraulic rams, and other bits and gubbins of military and industrial detritus, mega-armour is one of the heights of the Mek’s craft. Each suit is custom built for its wearer, typically a flashy, domineering Nob, but oftentimes a Boss or other high-ranking Ork. These ponderous, clanking, smoke-belching suits of armour allow an Ork Warboss or Nob to stand toe to toe against even a Space Marine in Tactical Dreadnought Armour, and make them nigh unassailable by Imperial Guard troopers armed with anything less than potent anti-tank weaponry.

Mega-armour increases its wearer’s Strength Characteristic by +30. However, it also imposes a –20 penalty on all Agility Tests the wearer makes, and he cannot take the Run Action while wearing it.

Thar’guls Mega Armour is of Best Quality, and has mounted on small turrets for his grotz on his shoulders and back. 3 Gretchin can man these, and fire their Shootas from the Armoured compartments. It is further augmented with Rokkit boostas, functioning as a jet-pack and granting the Flyer (12) Trait.

Head 7, Body 15, Limbs 11


Da MegaMekNobs Mega Armour

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