Kaptin Thar'gul Da Devastata

Curious and cunning Mekboss of the Deathskull clan


Wearing the traditional Squig-leather and metal-plate “ensemble” of his tribe, the Bone Smashers, and generous dabs of the blue paint and tattoos favoured by the Death Skulls Clan, he has picked up colourful additions during his exploits making for a somewhat ridiculous and uncoordinated appearance: Naval epaulettes, red headscarf and a stained quilted vest are some of the trophies and affectations that cheerfully contribute to this atrocity to style and good taste.


WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
69 35 70 60 41 41 31 40 33

Movement: 5/10/15/30
Wounds: 29
Corruption Points: 0
Insanity Points: 20
Fate Points: 0

Skills: Awareness +20, Barter, Carouse +10, Command, Common Lore (Orks, War), Demolition, Dodge +10, Drive (Ground Vehicle +20), Forbidden Lore (Xenos), Intimidate +30, Pilot (Personal, Flyers, Space Craft +20), Speak Language (Low Gothic, Ork), Survival, Tech-Use +30, Trade (Armourer +20, Shipwright +20)

Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Primitive, SP), Pistol Weapon Training (Primitive, SP), Heavy Weapon Training (SP), Melee Weapon Training (Chain, Shock, Power), Iron Jaw, True Grit, Furious assault, Runtz x 5, Resistance (Cold, Psychic), Peer (Cult (Klan)), Ambidextrous, Bulging Biceps, Disturbing Voice, Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee), Decadence, Die Hard, Hardy, Da Nekst Best Fing, Jaded, I’z Da Biggest, Too ’Ard Ta Care, Ded ’Ard, Worky Gubbinz, Hulking, Double Team, Iron Discipline, Blademaster, Fearless, Lightning Attack, Fear (1), Sanctioned Xenos, Skilled Grots, Psychic Immunity, Extra Skilled Grots, Regeneration, Swift Attack

Traits: Non-Imperial, Speak not unto the alien, ’Ard, Sturdy, Ork weapon proficiency, Mob rule, Might Makes Right, Unnatural Strength x 2, Unnatural Toughness x 2

Armour: Special ’Eavy Armour (All 7) or Mega Armour (Head 9, Limbs 11, Body 16)

Thar’guls grots

  • Sparky Gretchin with burna, wrench and training in Tech-Use & Demolitions
  • Fug Gretchin with Shoota and training in Medicae & Tech-Use
  • Gazza Gretchin with Slugga and Stickbombz, and training in Medicae & Demolitions
  • Pug Gretchin with Slugga and Medkit (Stapler) and training in Medicae & Security
  • Zog da Squig Attack Squig with Bionic Armourplates and training in Intimidate and Frenzy

Thar’guls most Flashiest Fingz

Given a week or two, the Bigmek’s own personal inventory tends to have gone from “ork weapons are kinda dangerous” to “of very questionable use at starship scale”. Thar’gul is constantly tinkering with an “improving” his gear, and this is the state of his favourite toys.

Da BigMeks Power Klaw – Best Craftsmanship Power Klaw with Spiky Bitz, kustomized with Zappy Gubbinz
In addition to adding bigga gripz, I added zappy gubbinz and a few wierdbitz. It now ripz, burnz, and cutz at da same time! I also added a servo-drill, powersaw, and pincers to function as tools when da powerfield is deaktivated. To synkronize all dis, I had to konnekt da klaws kontrol to my head, and added a Standard machine interface socket to da head-tubes

Da Flashy Autocannon – A Looted Autocannon with Bigga and Extra Barrulz, Bigga Klip, Loudener, made More Shooty and Kustomized with Extra Kaboom and a one-shot Burna-cartridge.
Dis is gonna be da most Shooty shoota I’z eva made!

Da MegaMekNobs Mega Armour – Best Craftsmanship Mega Armour with added Grot-turrets
It’s not a propa armour unless it has armoured turrets for yer slaves to shoot at yer enemies from!

Other gear

  • Charm The skull of a Xanther defeated in battle. Brings luck?
  • Blast Goggles Protects against bright light and splinters.
  • Lho-sticks Big, fat, stinky cigars
  • Rotgut Booze, Tranq and Amasec A collection of booze for every occasion.
  • Auspex/Scanner Detects energy emissions, motion, and biological life signs. +20 bonus to Awareness Tests. Range 50m.
  • Combi-tool Versatile, if somewhat bizarre, mechanical devices. A character using a combi-tool gains a +10 bonus to Tech-Use Tests.
  • Grapnel A small launcher or gun that fires a hooked or magnetic grapnel, connected to the launcher with a thin but strong 100m wire
  • Jetpack Personal rocket-boosters that lets the wearer leap about. A standard jump pack allows for a safe, guided fall from any height and, with a thruster boost, make an unlimited series of short jumps (landing at the end of each Round’s movement). Alternatively, the pack can duplicate the Flyer (12) trait for up to a minute at a time
  • Magnoculars Visual aid that magnifies and can also do such things as give range read-outs, detect heat sources, calculate target location positioning, and take pict-captures of a view for later analysis.
  • Micro-bead Short range (1km) comms unit
  • Pict Recorder Simple media recorder
  • Physik kit A Basic field-medkit
  • Promethium Fuel. Also good for burnin’ fings.
  • Boss Pole Many nobz and warbosses wear a big pole strapped to their back adorned with skulls, sharp bits, and metal Ork glyphs, to show other Orks they’re not to be messed with. Boss poles grant a +10 Bonus to all Command Tests made when interacting with other Ork
  • ’Eavy Armour & ’Ard Hat Kustomized with Tyrranoid chitin and plasteel, this is counts as Best Quality Carapace Armour
  • Iron Gob These massive metal facial appliances are bolted onto an Ork’ lower jaw, exaggerating the already fearsome appearance of the hulking green brutes. An iron gob grants +2 AP to the Head Location and a +10 bonus to Intimidation Tests.
  • Voidsuit (Footfall)
  • Burna Ork Flamer that can be reconfigured as a melee weapon (counts as Burning Blade)
  • Ork Choppa Hardly a weapon, worn on “civilized” occasions.
  • Kustomized Big Choppa A violence-connoisseurs choice: a huge, violent choppa with assorted spiky bitz and zappy gubbinz.
  • Kustom Force Field (Rating: 50) A kustom force field is a Force Field (see page 130 of Into the Storm) with a Protection Rating of 50 that Overloads on a roll of 15 or lower. Instead of the usual effects, when this Force Field Overloads, it ceases to function for 1d5 Rounds and immediately inflicts 1d10+5 Energy Damage with a enetration of 0 and the Shocking Quality upon everything within 2d10 metres of the Mekboy (including the Mekboy himself, naturally).
  • Bionik left arm an “intresting” contraption which allows various attachments. Also grants +2 TB on the limb.
  • Stikkbombz Explosives which attach and stick to the target.
  • Bomb Squigs Bombs with legs. And Teef!
  • ‘Sploding Squig Ork “grenades”

XP Log

When How much Accumulated XP Advance Bought Spent
Base 4500 4500 Starting Skillz n Know-wotz 4500
Start 200 4700 Strength (100), Toughness (100) 200
No Medic 50 4750
04.des 500 5250 WS (100) +Drive (200) +Resistance(Cold) (200) 500
18.des 850 6100 Strength (250), Toughness (250), 2x Sound Const. (400) 900
Julebonus 1000 7100 Strength (500), Toughness (500) 1000
15.jan 850 7950 Dodge (200), Heavy (SP) (200), Ag (250), Sound Const. (200) 850
29.jan 1000 8950 Runtz (300), Dist. Voice (300), Intimidate (100), Sound Const. (200) 900
19.feb 450 9400 Intelligence (250), Bulging Biceps (300) 550
05.mar 1600 11000 WP (500), Carouse +10 (100), Hardy (200), Runtz (300), I iz da Biggest (500) 1600
19.mar 700 11700 Awareness +10 (100), Drive +10 (200), Intimidate +20 (200), Sound Const. (200) 700
02.apr 500 12200 Da Next best Fing (300), Sound Const. (200) 500
FB Bonus 100 12300 Decadence (100) 100
15.apr 800 13100 Exotic Training (Powa Klaw) (500), Exotic Training (Burna) (200) 700
30.apr 1200 14300 Sanctioned Xenos (700), Trade (Armourer)x2 (200×2), Demolitions (200) 1300
FB Bonus 200 14500 Trade (Shipwright) 200
21.mai 1000 15500 Too ’Ard Ta Care (500), Runtz (300) Sound Const. (200) 1000
18.jun 999 16499 Ded Ard (500), Jaded (300) 800
RP Bonus 5 16504 Ambidextrous (200) 200
01.jul 1300 17804 Skilled Grots (400), Grots (300), 3xSound Const. (600) 1300
31.jul 600 18404 Awareness +20 (200), Tech-use +20 (200), Trade (Armourer) +20 (200) 600
13.aug 501 18905 Hulking (300), Trade (Shipwright) +10 (200) 500
20.aug 600 19505 Intelligence (500) 500
03.sep 650 20155 Worky Gubbinz (500), BS (250) 750
08.okt 600 20755 Trade (Shipwright) (200), Dodge +10 (200), Survival (200) 600
12.nov 700 21455 WS (250), Sound Const. (200) 450
26.nov 600 22055 Unnatural Strength x2 (800) 800
10.des 600 22655 Forbidden Lore (Xenos) (300), Sound Const. (200) 500
30.des 1050 23705 Pilot (Spacecraft) (300), Talented (Tech-Use) (500), Skilled Grots (400) 1200
14.jan 700 24405 Pilot (Personal) (300), Command (300) 600
28.jan 450 24855 Iron Discipline (500) 500
Wiki 800 25655 Pilot (Flyers) (300), Fearless (500) 800
11.feb 700 26355 WS (500), Sound Const. (200) 700
25.feb 700 27055 Blademaster (500), Sound Const. (200) 700
11.mar 600 27655 Double Team (200) 200
19.mar 600 28255 Fear (1) (1000) 1000
8.apr 1000 29255 Swift Attack (750), Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) (300) 1050
29.apr 400 29655 Sound Const. (0), Drive (200) 200
13.mai 800 30455 Lightening Attack (500), Pilot (Spacecraft) +10 (300) 800
23. juni 1000 31455 Strength (750), Talented (Pilot (Spacecraft)) (200) 950
30.juni 1045 32500 WP (750), Die Hard (200), Resistance Psychic (200) 1150
Unspent XP: 150

Thar’Gul was spawned on Zefrith IV, during a Waaaaagh! offensive against dem Chaos Gitz what had taken the place. He cut his teef as a Yoof fightin’ with Boyz in the Bone Smasher tribe of the Death Skulls Clan. He was early identified as an Oddboy, showing interest and aptitude for makin’ things work, and more Orky. He joined the warband of Big Mek MekGaiva, and took applied his technological creativity to the art of destruction as he grew into a right Boy and earned his propa title of Mekboy.

After a time, he grew disgruntled with what he saw as a narrow-minded and static approach to warfare, and fascinated with the humies tendency to be sneaky. After a particularly violent disagreement with MekGaiva, Thar’gul left the tribe for a period of kontemplaishon. He wandered the battlefields of the Koronus Expanse as a Freebooter, selling his services of mechanical creativity and destruction to whoever would provide things to fiddle with or to blow up (what with teef being in short supply amongst other races).

He found a home of sorts on the Cleopatra, where his mechanical aptitude and ability to boss people about made him useful in the daily operations of the ship as well as whenever there was need for headsmashin’

Fortune has favoured Thar’gul, and he is now Kaptin of his own ship, Da Smasha, where he and his boyz wreck havoc across the stars.

Kaptin Thar'gul Da Devastata

Cleopatra boyz DarthSmeg